Terms & Conditions


We invite you to read the following general information about our offer and regulations



Article 1 - General
1.1. All offers, orders and agreements of Psilo Lab these Terms and Conditions apply.
1.2. You acknowledge and guarantee that by using Psilo Lab website you have reached the age of 18 years. The content of this site is for adults only. 
1.3. Everyone who purchases our products is responsible for their own actions in future. Psilo Lab Netherlands can not be held responsible for the actions of its customers.
1.4. We do not encourage the illegal use of our products. We strongly advise you to consult your lawyer, if you have any doubts.
1.5. All rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements to which these Conditions apply, including these conditions shall be governed by the Dutch Law

Article 2 - Offers/agreements
2.1. All products from this website are available for people of 18 years and older
2.2. All products that you can buy in Psilo Lab website are legal in the Netherlands and can be possessed by people of 18 years and older in Netherlands according to the Dutch Law
2.3. We don't sell fresh and dried mushrooms
2.4. Not all products we offer may be legal in your country. Please check your local legislation and import regulations before ordering. By ordering, the buyer accepts full responsibility for all matters regarding the shipment and import into his / her country.
2.5. Every country have other laws and we cannot check the legal status in every single country, it's not possible for us to keep up with the continually changing laws in every country.
2.7. You're taking full responsibility for personal injury, damages, punitive measures, lost profit or revenues that may result from the purchase, ingestion, use or misuse of anything ordered from Psilo Lab Netherlands.

Article 3 - Prices and payments
3.1. Prices are in EURO's, INCLUDING VAT. Dispatching costs, taxes and duties will be charged, unless mentioned otherwise and agreed in writing.
3.2. Payment must be made in advance.

Article 4 - Delivery and shipping info
4.1. Delivery will take place as soon as possible. 
4.2. Special care is taken to protect our products.
4.3. Psilo Lab Netherlands cannot be held responsible for lost or missing shipments, this is the customer's responsibility. Shipments are at your own risk. 
4.4. All products that are refused entry into your country by customs cannot be refunded, resent or exchanged unless they are returned to us in original closed packaging.
4.5. All our live products are shipped at customer's risk. They sometimes won't survive the shipping process due to their sensitive nature.
4.6. Psilo Lab Netherlands is not responsible for problems due shipping companies mistakes.
4.7. Psilo Lab Netherlands exchanges product during 3 days after delivering. Product cannot be open.

All photos, images, design, text and logos on this website are copyrighted. Redistribution, republication, or any other form of commercial use of any of this content is strictly prohibited without written permission from Psilo Lab Netherlands.

We reserve the right to edit, change or amend these terms.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.