Open your Psilo box which includes :

1 plastic container with fresh mycelium

1 grow plastic bag

1 bag of perlite 

2 paper clips


Before you start preparing your grow kit please clean your hands (the best is to disinfect  them by alcohol) and choose a clean workplace


Open partially your container with fresh mycelium, fill it by water and close or take it out from container and put into the other bigger container filled with water the way that mycelium is completely under water and put to the refrigerator for 12-24 hours.


First prepare a growing bag before setting up mycelium for growing 


Rinse and soak perlite (which help to keep good humidity) in a sieve under running water and put perlite into the growing bag with filter. Then take out the cake from the refrigerator and put it on the clean lid from container and lid with cake put on the perlite.

Your mycelium is ready to grow!

TIPS that help you to get the Best result

Light – Mycelium needs to have right amount of light to start fruiting. The best option is natural light (though not directly to the sun or set LED light (6500K) for 12/12.

Temperature – Mycelium likes to have stable temperature between 21-23 Celsius degrees

Ventilation – Mycelium needs also fresh air so remember to ventilate it two times per day for a while

Humidity – Spray your mycelium by fresh water once a day, be careful and don’t spray directly on the mycelium